My resolution on becoming a “Better me”


A lot has been told and written over goal setting to help you grow professionally and financially. And it is a general tendency that we set goals majorly on these areas. Like, I will earn more, or I will get a promotion, or I will buy a house or car for myself.

But how often do we think about turning into a better version of yourself and setting goals for that.

So here I have come up with some of my resolutions for 2018for becoming a “Better Me”

  • Being Bold and Dance into it.
  • Dream big and Live each moment
  • Give it all – laugh your heart out.
  • Give back and help
  • Reach out more with open heart
  • Self- realization and self- actualization


Take a cue from the list and make one for yourself on the areas you need to work to become a “Better You”.

Will be still coming up on Goal setting -the easy way to set goals in my next blog.

Have a great 2018.




2 thoughts on “2018 – A better “ME””

  1. Hello! Parinita..short ..but beautiful message conveyed by you ! Simply loved it..! Yes our most important and primary goal should always be working on ourselves ..which is the core foundation for getting other areas enhanced ..! Keep your inspiring thoughts flowing.!

    1. Hey Renu, thank you so much. It means a lot when it comes from you. Your constant encouragement helps me to keep going. Keep showing your love.

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