Summer Weddings

The feeling of attending a wedding in summers is “what will I wear!!!”. Anything you think of, you immediately feel the Sun un-apologetically staring down on you. I have a wedding to attend in summer, and I know, the only thought of it makes me go “uurrghhh.”

So summer wedding style, is more of comfort, light weight fabric and bright good colours. Which will be comfortable but look stylish at the same time.

So, here I am coming with few blogs which will cover styles you can try out this summer.

First up,



My most favourite of the lot, for its comfort, style and the peppy colour.

People who know me, know I LOVE red.

Coming to the details of the outfit, it is a cape with a pleated skirt.



The cape has umbrella shaped motifs spread across the front. It ends just above my hip line. I did not want to keep it very long and give it a smart look ( that is the length your cape should be, so that you do not look short).



The skirt has front pleats which is a bit high from the front. Pleats are back in trend and look super hot.

The long-short style makes it look like a skirt and not a draped lehenga.



Along with it, I chose a neck-piece which is neutral in colour ( as the colour red is already very bright) and also does not clash with the Indo – western look of the outfit. So these copper – beads neck-piece, somehow merges with the pattern of the motifs and look elegant on the outfit.



I can easily wear this outfit to a day function, be it a Mehendi, a mela themed party or a outdoor haldi function with lots of colours.

It will look super peppy, light, comfortable, and trust me, its very easy to carry, with no adjustments of the cape again and again.



So girls, do not “sweat” thinking about the outfit, wear good colours, breathable fabric, and you are good to enjoy.

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