An extremely sweet and simple girl, that’s Neha Bhimrajka for you.

She is a professional, a Project manager, working with Maersk Group.She is a playful girl, who cared less of fashion. Happily married and has a super adorable baby boy who is about to turn one.

When Neha heard about my work, she instantly decided to give it a shot. She was on maternity leave.

When I met her for the first session, I wanted to know her true purpose of getting Image consulting done, to alien my recommendation, to her expectations.

I sat with her for a casual conversation which revealed it all.

To simplify, she had to rejoin the office in 3 months. Her basic agenda was to enter the office with a new and enhanced image. Also, she wanted to change her non-chaotic and non-experimental style. And 1 last thing, she wanted to give herself some me-time (which we all women usually forget how important it is).

I started with the basic sessions of understanding her lifestyle and her routine. This gives a insight of what her essentials should be. Then came the shape analysis to understand her body structure and colour analysis to understand her skin tone. The world of Colors was her favourite part. I also understood her personal style, because if I just give her styles she is not comfortable in, she might wear it for some time, but won’t follow it for long.

Then came the Make-up and hairstyle session. Again, keeping in mind the skin tone and routine, I taught her basic make up, party makeup, easy makeup fixes and easy hair –dos ( because with a kid, frankly she has very less time to give to herself).

Then all the analysis and sessions came together in this Styling session. Here I collate all the information and apply the image consulting techniques. Because she wears a lot of Indian clothes too, I divided the session into Indian wear and western wear. She learned how to cluster, mix prints, accessories, shoes and to use minimum clothes to bring out maximum looks.

Again, this is one session which changed her whole outlook towards clothes and she started to have fun with them. With this, we made a list of clothes which are basic to any wardrobe, and as per her current wardrobe, what all pieces and things are missing.

I then took her for shopping. We bought basics and some prints to fill in the gaps. We also bought shoes and accessories to complete the looks.

My sessions also included customized stitching (optional). I got her Trousers, kurtis, dresses, jackets and tops stitched, because I really believe in custom fits and patterns. This completed her looks and styles.

Then came wardrobe management, because trust me, it was in bad shape. We organised her clothes, make-up and accessories, so it is more approachable and easy to cluster the. A clean, organised wardrobe is the secret to great styling.

I ended with one more styling session, which included all our buys and tailored clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, make-up. All these things were documented and I also helped her maintain her style file for future buying.

It was truly a journey for both of us. By the end of the session, she really got experimental with styles, new looks and trends. I really admire how Neha gave her efforts, time and emotion to the whole process and how beautifully she is coping with physical and emotional transit. This whole thing, re-enforced the confidence in Neha.

Neha was appraised in office for her new looks. Different from regular stuff she wore, little more efforts in day makeup, styling,etc, increased her level of confidence. She looked like that perfect new age Mom, who is ready to take on the world.

I have seen new mothers, who get so uncomfortable with their new body. They get confused about the kind of fits to wear, the styles to try or what actually will look appropriate enough, given so much body shape changes. They end up wearing clothes which are loose, not stylish and quite plain. I am really happy I could help Neha through this transformation.

Image consulting is not only about looking good, but how to accept your body and learn to wear clothes which look super stylish and appropriate on your body.

Mothers, If you want to experiment with styles Portraiture is there for you. Contact us



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