I am writing a series of blog on, one of my favourite topic – Office styling.

When you hear office or corporate attire, I have seen people looking glutted and uninterested. And even while you are reading, you only think of a shirt, trousers and a blazer. This specially have been my experience with corporate clients.

Trust me, the formal attire scenario has changed drastically. As the culture and corporate policy changes, so does the options to explore. At first,they are hesitant, but then they start exploring and love it.

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My favourite one.




I love Palazzo pants. This one is specially designed and tailor- made by me. I did not keep the cut very wide, and gave darts so it gives a good fit. Choosing a geometric print, I kept the pants formal and classic, so a few years hence, I wont have to worry about its fashion trend.

The reason I love high waist wide pants, it elongates my lower body to make me look tall, and it highlights my waist,which gives an hour glass illusion.




The print is a combination of white, black, blue and mustard yellow. All neutral and versatile colours. It is a high waist fit, sitting exactly on my waist, so as to accentuate it.

To keep it as a formal wear, I choose a white top. This top has self-textured design, bringing in interest.




To accessorize it, I wore a gold collar brooch in leaf design. This gives the edge and style to my outfit without going over-board.

A good pearl and gold earrings, with gold watch, was a good match to the brooch and the top.




As the outfit is so stylish and grabs the whole attention, I kept the stilettos and bag in Neutral brown colour. Too much is a total no for me.

The whole look is quite sharp, smart yet there is freshness in it. I am sure you will grab a lot of eyeballs once you step into the office in this. So throw yourself into office styling and Dress to impress.

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