Personality is to a man, what perfume is to a flower.

To define Personality – the characteristic pattern in thinking, actions and behavior. A combination of thoughts, values and beliefs and the result seen through your interaction with people and yourself. This is a very basic understanding of personality. Personality is unique to each individual. It forms the base of your character and identity.

People associate you with the personality traits you portray. Have you noticed how people remember someone – ” Oh, that person is confident, Oh he is so intelligent, oh she is so graceful” All these adjectives are a reflection of your personality.

Personality is your image you form in peoples mind.

What people fail to realize is, Personality is not only the exterior characteristics but your inner values as well.

Here are the 5 main traits, according to me, which forms your personality.

1) Attitude

Attitude is nothing but your emotions and feelings regarding things which affects your reactions. These feelings can be for some person, object, situation or emotions. On a general term, we say a person has a positive or a negative attitude.

This attitude determines your personality. A person with a Positive attitude will always come out as a vibrant, energetic and a peoples person. On the other hand, a negative attitude is reflected in his words and behaviors towards things.

Don’t you like being with someone with a positive attitude rather than who always negative.

So now, start noticing what kind of attitude do you carry, which will attract people and build your personality.

2) Body Language

A study of how your body speaks to people. There are various signs of body language which conveys non verbal cues of what is going on in your mind.

Simple ones are – A nervous person, will have fidgety legs or hands , will have less eye contact with people and avoid interactions. A more confident person will be talking to people, with good eye contact, head nodding while listening and also initiates conversation with strangers. That reflects a good and confident personality.

So start observing, how your body is reacting and get hold of these cues to develop an impressive personality.

3) Grooming

How much ever we run from it, your grooming, hygiene and outfit does form your personality. A well groomed, clean, appropriate and neat outfit, will always be attractive. Personally even you will like talking to a person who is presentable.

So wear good, clean, authentic and appropriate outfit and be well groomed, and see how you develop a enticing personality and attract people to come and talk to you.

4) Knowledge

We spoke about the non verbal cues – body language and grooming. The verbal cue of alluring personality – is your knowledge.

Your knowledge is reflected in what you speak, in how much depth and the words you choose. Someone has said – Choose your words very wisely, because it leaves a mark on the listeners brains and heart and this in turn forms the personality.

An intelligent, wise and mature person will have a personality and image, that people would want to talk to them, and seek their wisdom or just share things.

So, develop good knowledge of your work and surroundings, so you have content to talk to people.

5) Smile

Although Smile comes in Body language, but I have purposely written it separately.

Smile is one such asset, that, although everyone is blessed with it, very less people use it.

Smile is one of the strongest personality trait, as I believe, it is the first thing that attracts people. You will always like being around and talking to a person who has a pleasant smile on the face. Cheerful, happy and spreading positive vibes, all this with a single smile. Imagine the power of smile. It takes away the nervousness, negativity and gives a shining boost to your personality.

So, start smiling. People love having smiles around and being happy.

These were the traits in short. I will write more on these individual traits, a step by step method to develop each trait and have a knock out Personality.

Your personality, your image, is in your hands – develop it.



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