It is March now. 3 month into 2019.

Is the rush of Goal setting at the same peak, or dipping down with each passing day?

Let’s see what exactly Goal Setting is!

We usually follow the first four steps.

With great enthusiasm, we think about setting goals for the next year. We take out a fresh diary, sit with a smile and start dreaming about the perfect YOU, that you want to become. Everything that you want to achieve, that perfect body, the right weight on the scale, the X amount of money, the dream project, everything.

Then like an Army General, we set the goals, with background score going “How’s the Josh, High Sir.”

We plan our steps and the resources needed to achieve our goals, which seems to be as difficult as the surgical strike. But, with a “high Josh”, we give it a go.

Now, the month of January, the first month of 2019 has started, we have gathered all our ammunition, night vision gear and we are wearing the right attire. And with our Josh at its peak, climb the helicopter.

Everything is set, the pace, the speed, the emotions, our mission, our vision, and the target.

Days are passing and we are coming close to the target, but suddenly, we are alerted that there is an obstacle.

OMG. Abort mission, abort mission. We cannot achieve the goal. We have to try it next year now. Oh no.

Or is it???

Did Major Vihan Singh abort? Did he give up on his mission? No.

He changed his method, his way, not his goal.

And this is where we make our greatest mistake.

What I have observed is, people make their goals at the start of the year, follow it for few days, and then just give up.

When the goal does not seem attainable, either change it or leave it altogether.

At the end of the year, take out that paper to review how far have they come?

But is it fair??

When we start failing at achieving some goal, we end up changing the goal, and not our actions. And that shows our lack of commitment towards the goal in the first place.

Eg, I had thought of losing 5 kilos in a month. On 20th of the month I see myself losing only 2 kilos, so what do I do? I tell myself, no issues, I will keep the target as only 3 kilos for this month and will see what I can do in the next month.

But why? Why can’t we keep ourselves on track, in fact push ourselves with greater vigor and give it our best. You might not be able to lose 5 kilos, but surely push yourself to losing 4 kilos. And that will give you a boost for the next month.

But how can we do these things if we do not review our goals constantly?

The last two steps. Review and Set again.

We are not machines to be programmed to perfection. There are internal and external factors which will affect your pace and path to goals. So we have to constantly review our actions and our resources. What is working for us, or what needs to be changed for better growth?

And at the end, if anything, change your actions, not your goal. Only then, with full “Josh”, will you be able to conquer your goal and call it a “Strike.”

So come on guys, suit up and strike your goals.




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